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With reliability, durability and smooth operation top of mind, we’ve created a range of Pilates equipment to produce the premium Pilates experience. With a small range of only high quality gear, you can buy Pilates equipment online confidently.


Why Buy Pilates Equipment From Us

When you buy anything from Proactive Pilates Equipment, you can be sure that you will receive quality products. Our service team are also comprised of experienced fitness professionals who can offer support that is second to none. We ship our pilates equipment Australia wide at prices that are very competitive. Our team in Melbourne can be contacted with any questions you might have, both before and after purchase.

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General Idea about Pilates Equipment

Pilates is a well-known style of exercise that is performed worldwide by over 12 million people of varying ages, abilities, and backgrounds for fitness, rehabilitation and optimum wellbeing. There are many different styles of Pilates practiced today, and the method and its exercises have evolved considerably as anatomical, kinesiological, physiological, and medical science have advanced. Pilates, when practiced using the Pilates Reformer equipment, leads to a more advanced exercise experience. 

Pilates equipment, like the Reformer, offers life changing benefits, including flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination. These things, in turn, lead to regular day-to-day improvements like better posture, efficient movement, and for many, relief from the pain associated with physical imbalances such as back pain.


Why are we the best in Australia? 

No two things are alike, even if they look the same, and Pilates equipment is no exception. We know from experience that when equipment is manufactured with the highest quality components and to the most exacting standards, the equipment will be durable, offering many years of daily use. We have many Melbourne based clients who have been using our equipment for years, and the equipment is still functioning smoothly - a testament to the incredible Proactive Pilates Equipment build quality. Our equipment is versatile, sleek, durable, and engineered for maximum safety and effectiveness.

At Proactive we recommend choosing a studio-grade Pilates Reformer that you know will hold up in the future


How do Pilates Reformers help you get healthier?

The Reformer is the most famous piece of Pilates Equipment. Your core muscles are paramount for building strength. A strong back, deeper abdominals and glutes are all outcomes of the exercise done via Reformer equipment. Of course, other equipment and Pilates Mat exercises do that too, but the Reformer creates a unique and varied exercise experience. The proven mental benefits of using the Reformer include training the brain, improving memory, an endorphin kick, and relieving depression and anxiety.

The Reformer is big enough to accommodate full-range motion, ideal for increasing flexibility while building strength. Pushing and pulling with legs or arms against the resistance of the carriage, springs, and body weight is generally strength building. The exercises offer adequate resistance and movement variety to help build strong bones. In addition, the instability of a rolling carriage with the springs set at different resistance levels provides all kinds of stability challenges that develop core strength and promote better balance.


About Proactive Pilates Equipment

Proactive Pilates Equipment is committed to supplying an extensive range of pilates equipment to those looking to improve their functional movement, posture, alignment, flexibility and strength. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and tailoring your Pilates Reformer order to your specific needs. Our Reformers are handcrafted from Australian sourced raw materials by dedicated trade-specific professionals.

Whether you are a Pilates instructor or just searching to incorporate Pilates into your everyday life at home, Proactive Pilates Equipment in Melbourne has all your Pilates needs - readily available for purchase at competitive prices. So, if you are searching for Pilates Reformers for Sale in Melbourne, connect with us today.