6 Benefits of Pilates for Runners

Posted on October 31, 2017 by Jason Knee

6 Benefits of Pilates for Runners


Pilates is beneficial for everyone.

From people overcoming injuries in a rehabilitation centre to individuals who are trying to maintain their health, Pilates Equipment is gaining popularity all over the world. However, did you know that there are many specific benefits of Pilates for runners?

Many athletes think that they can improve their running skills only by running more. But that’s not true. Running focuses on the body as a whole. To manage the consistent force through our lower body, our bodies need proper neuromuscular control. When it comes to running, we recommend quality over quantity. Pilates accommodates quality through focusing on core strength exercises and programs designed to help you improve this neuromuscular control, thereby contributing to improved flexibility, core strength, and body awareness and stability.


The following are a few reasons that recommend Pilates as a form of exercise for runners.


1. Body Awareness

One of the five basic principles of Pilates is proper breathing. There is a particular focus on mindfulness and body awareness. Breathing helps you tune in to your body, leading to improved coordination of brain and muscle function. It also assists in reducing pain.


2. Variety

Running happens mostly in a straight plane, and thus it is easily performed once practised. However, a few runners can find it difficult to run on steep hills or in rocky areas. This is because of instability which can contribute to injuries.

Pilates offers variety from running and helps work out many of the core and hip stabilising muscles, so your movements do not get hampered on different surfaces. The benefits are overall improvement adapting to different surroundings and in refining muscle control.


3. Flexibility

Stretching has forever been a part of the running world. This is because often there are times when specific muscles in a runner are weak or are working too hard to try to stabilise or compensate for deficiencies and imbalances elsewhere. Pilates helps in promoting muscle balance and in enhancing running technique/biomechanics.


4. Improve Endurance and Speed

As a runner, you should understand that a healthy, balanced body helps you maintain proper form as you fatigue. Pilates helps you maintain fluid muscle movement through preventing tightness in your hips, legs, and back.


5. Quicker and Comprehensive Recovery

Pilates contributes to decreasing your recovery time after injury or a strenuous workout by fostering joint mobility and improving flexibility and body awareness. With a regular Pilates routine, you have better performing muscles and feel less fatigued after a long, challenging run. 


6. Develops Healthy Movement Patterns

Pilates encourages healthy movement patterns, like control of the spine, correcting foot movement and stride pattern, etc. It focuses on stabilizing and controlling actions while releasing unnecessary tension or restricted movements.


If you are a runner or want to start running, adding Pilates workouts to your routine is highly recommended. When you are ready to start, take a look at our range of products at ProActive Pilates Equipment Australia. We have everything from the basic yoga mat and accessories, to Pilates Reformers for home and studio use. Moreover, always feel free to get in touch with any questions.

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