A Pilates Ring Could Be Your Best Friend

Posted on October 15, 2017 by Jason Knee

A Pilates Ring Could Be Your Best Friend

Staying fit and healthy is one of the most important aspects of modern, urban life. There is so much available on the market that can help you to stay healthy- you can hit the gym, take a yoga class, dance along at a Zumba class,….. However, this isn’t always feasible to incorporate into your daily life. It can either get expensive or time-consuming. But don’t lose hope because we are introducing you to a magical piece of training equipment- the Pilates Ring.


A Pilates Ring is a fantastic invention. It is a lightweight, flexible ring or circle that provides resistance for your muscles. With two padded handles on either side, it allows you to push-in or squeezes it between different parts of your body. It works very well between thighs, calves, ankles, arms and torso, or even between your palms.


The Pilates workout method benefits exercisers of all strength levels and ages; it promotes body stability, strength, and endurance. Moreover, the good part is, exercises with a Pilates Ring can easily be done at home without any other exercise equipment. Hence any at-home Pilates aficionado should strongly consider investing in a Pilates Ring.


Benefits of a Pilates Ring

  1. Stronger muscles: The ring adds additional resistance to your muscles that help in developing strength.
  2. Improved balance: The ring provides extra resistance, thereby engaging your core to complete the exercises and improving your stability that much more.
  3. A stronger heart: Because a ring adds more resistance to a Pilates workout, your heart muscles work harder, which makes it stronger and more endurable.


A few exercises for your lower and upper body that a Pilates Ring workout will allow you to do.


  1. Upper Body
  2. Stand tall while focusing on the core.
  3. Hold the circle between your palms at waist height.
  4. Push-in the circle ten times.
  5. Now, squeeze it in as you extend your arms over your head and back down to your chest, ten times.
  6. Repeat the same routine at chest height, shoulder height and overhead. Remember to stand straight, keeping your navel pulled in towards the spine.


  1. Lower Body
  2. Lie down, placing one foot flat on the ground while resting the ankle of your other leg on the pad of the circle.
  3. As you raise your upper body, extend your arms and push your ankle down to compress the ring. Pump arms up and down for ten full breaths as you maintain pressure on the circle.
  4. Change legs and repeat.


If you are looking for an exercise routine that is convenient and efficient, a Pilates Ring is a great addition. You can go through ProActive Pilates Equipment Melbourne’s products section and find yourself a high-quality Pilates Ring that fits your budget.

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