Are Pilates Reformers Good for Weight Loss?

Posted on March 08, 2022 by Jason Knee

Pilates is the art of controlled movements, which, when adequately manifested, should look and feel like a workout. Pilates advance flexibility, aides in control and endurance of the whole body, builds strength, emphasizes alignment, core strength, breathing, and improves overall coordination and balance. 

It is now well known that Pilates can do wonders for your physique. It is one of the best ways to build endurance, stamina, and muscle gain. What is even more exciting is that Pilates can be used for weight loss as well. 

Perhaps, the best-known piece of equipment is the 'Pilates Reformer.' A Pilates Reformer will be highly beneficial if you are thinking of losing weight. A Pilates Reformer means bed-like exercise equipment that uses a flat-bed-like frame and flat platform called carriage. You can rock back and forth on it and also change levels. The carriage is connected to the bed by springs. 

Proactive Pilates Equipment in Australia brings you this article to tell you more about how a Pilates Reformer can be a good choice if you wish to lose that excess weight.


  • A great way to start your weight loss journey
  • Compared to traditional Mat-based Pilates, you burn calories faster when using a Pilates Reformer. In addition, regularly using a Pilates Reformer paired with a balanced diet and other cardio or exercise can aid in weight loss and a more toned waist. 

    As can be observed and experienced from one's weight loss attempts, the biggest problem that one faces in a lifetime is the desire to start their seemingly uphill battle. This is where Pilates Reformer comes to your aid! It is a gentle way to begin the journey with equal if not more benefits. 

  • Prepares the body for dynamic, challenging exercises 
  • Rome was not built in a day. Pilates is a movement system designed to better our everyday life and well-being. As we have stated above, the Pilates Reformer will give you a calmer and smoother way to begin your weight loss journey. On this journey, it will benefit your endurance and core strength. As a result of the same, at some point in time, once you are regular, it will enable you to make your body resilient enough to withstand a more dynamic exercise. In addition, pilates helps facilitate muscle activation and development to support proper spinal alignment. 

  • Increase in muscle tone
  • When you do it regularly in a focused manner, it uses your body weight for resistance. It will, in time, be helpful for your flexibility, core strength, and most importantly, build and reform muscles. Reformer Pilates is considered a great form of strength training. In mat Pilates, you are using your weight to advance your strength in a specially designed exercise, while on a Reformer, you use practices and the added equipment to build core muscle strength. Any activity that challenges the muscles to work can only strengthen the muscles and bones. 

  • Pilates Reformer can add to your existing workout regimen
  • The best way to ensure that Pilates is beneficial to you is to club it with other physical activities that you may be carrying out during the day. Pilates will help you lose a lot of that weight that you do not want. It is best if you team it up with a 30-minute walking schedule. Reformer Pilates engages the core for stability and balance, and it forces you to use proper form and technique building core strength. Having a strong core is crucial, as it helps advance the posture and reduce any injuries. 

  • Pilates Reformers help sculpt your muscles
  • Your midsection, inner thighs, and arms will be sculpted if you religiously use a Pilates Reformer. The same increases side-to-side flexibility, which, in turn, chisels the body. Pilates keeps the body moving with smooth transitions between slow and controlled movements, combining strengthening and stretching to improve flexibility, strength, and mobility. 

    Reformer Pilates will overall leave you feeling energized, strong, and empowered. Proactive Pilates Equipment is one of the reliable equipment providers in Australia, and we are a brand that keeps the interests of our clients paramount. Our Reformer is ideal for both studio and your own home. 

    We are just a call away if you need assistance in choosing the best equipment to begin your weight loss journey. Our main objective is to ensure that our equipment is reliable, durable, and smooth. Get in touch today to know more!

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