Can Pilates Reformers Build Muscle?

Posted on March 08, 2022 by Jason Knee


The popularity of Pilates has grown significantly in these past few years. It has shown many benefits for men and women. Women seem to be keener towards Pilates, and the popularity amongst women has grown exponentially in these years. Practising Pilates regularly awards numerous benefits towards one’s health. These include better flexibility, reformation of muscle tone, increased stamina, and, most importantly, a more comprehensive range of motion. Women have reported these benefits to be more than men. However, many are concerned regarding the effect of Pilates in building muscles. As we have stated above, Pilates is great if one wants to do a full-body workout. Pilates indeed helps build muscles as well. This article talks about How Pilates Reformers can Help Build Muscles. 

One of the benefits of Pilates includes an increase in muscle strength and tone without creating bulk. You can expect to see an increase in deep core muscle strength, which helps keep the abdominal muscles tight and toned. The exercise also improves flexibility and posture, decreasing the chances of sustaining an injury. Pilates is an excellent method to ease chronic lower back pain and prevent future back pain and injuries. Some ways in which Pilates can help you build muscle are:

  1. Effect the Iliopsoas to give more side-to-side flexibility  
  2. Effect on inner thighs 
  3. Benefits to gluteus muscles and hamstrings 
  4. Change to internal oblique 
  5. Stabilizing the muscle
  6. Effect on teres minor and teres major 

As we get older, many of us begin to lose muscle and naturally gain more body fat in our early thirties. By 50, some of us end up losing at least 10% of body mass, with the loss only continuing as we get older unless we take measures to slow down the loss or even reverse it. 

The next question is whether Pilates Reformer can help mass muscle gain and how much progress one can expect? Well, Pilates is unlike common gym exercises. So, one may feel that it is not contributing to muscle gain but do not be alarmed as Pilates contributes significantly to muscle gain. The Reformer is an adjustable machine full of variety ideal for beginners, challenging for the avid fitness enthusiast, and suitable for those recovering from an injury. 

It is also essential to know that Pilates focuses by default on muscle toning. So, to gain and reform muscle, one must have a standard routine. In this routine, it is advised that you use Pilates instead of weight training by doing exercises that focus on small and large groups of activities. For example, the Pilates exercises on the Reformer use resistance to induce muscular contraction. As a result, the muscle fibers lengthen and re-align by stretching the muscle, which is an excellent way to shape the body.  

When you do it regularly in a focused manner, it will use your body weight for resistance. It will, in time, be beneficial for your flexibility, core strength and, most importantly, to build and reform muscles. If you wish to experience more results, we recommend combining Pilates Reformer with cardiovascular exercise. This will help you build muscles. The Reformer focuses on correct alignment and uses movements to help strengthen the back, neck, and core muscles. When these muscles are strong, they can help reduce overall pain such as lower back pain, hip tightness, or neck strains from daily activities like sitting for too long. 

A Pilates Reformer means bed-like exercise equipment which uses a flatbed-like frame and flat platform called carriage. You can rock back and forth on it and also change levels. The carriage is connected to the bed by springs. A Pilates reformer will build muscles and help in endurance, core strength, and increase in flexibility of muscles. 

Pilates has many benefits and is suitable for everyone regardless of age, fitness level, size, or other factors. Incorporating a Pilates Regimen into your training routine can significantly support and advance any endeavor you take on. Whether you’re seeking to feel better, tone up, build muscle mass and bone density or cross-train, Pilates can positively affect your quality of life. 

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