Did You Know Pilates Works Out Your Entire Body?

Posted on February 23, 2017 by Jason Knee

Did You Know Pilates Works Out Your Entire Body?

There are many reasons you might be looking for an exercise routine that gives your whole body a workout. Perhaps you’re struggling for time, or it may even be that you don’t like to exercise and want it to be over as soon as possible.

Whatever your reason for wanting a ‘complete, multi tasking’ workout, you should consider Pilates. Why? Because it really does work out your entire body!


Finding a Pilates Routine

The Pilates routine you choose to get started with may vary. That’s because there are a wide variety of Pilates exercises available and different equipment options to perform these exercises.

If you attend a class or follow the instructions of a DVD, you’ll likely find that your trainer or instructor has already put together a full body workout routine that’s beneficial to your entire body.

If you haven’t yet got a routine in place – for example if you’re starting from scratch at home, do a quick online search for related terms such as ‘full body Pilates workout’. You’ll soon find one that gives you what you need. Or even better still, visit a qualified Physiotherapist or Pilates Instructor for a specialised Pilates program that is more specific to your goals and needs.


How does Pilates work out the whole body?

We mean it when we say Pilates really does work out your whole body. As a result, Pilates can make a difference to your posture, muscle definition, balance and mobility to name a few. Here’s how it effects every part of you, ensuring your body gets a highly effective, balanced workout:

  • It strengthens your core, torso and abdomen, giving you better balance and overall strength from within.
  • Pilates includes arm toning exercises that can help you target fat on your upper arms and build muscle and strength in the process.
  • The same can be said for legs and thighs, for which there are many applicable Pilates moves, helping them to become leaner and stronger.
  • And on top of that, Pilates boosts your metabolism, ensuring your body keeps on burning calories and fighting fat throughout the day.

Essentially, you can name any body area you wish to target and there’ll be a Pilates technique that’s exactly what you need to improve your strength, appearance and well-being.


Where does Pilates equipment come into play?

To strengthen and align your body even more effectively, one option is to introduce equipment, such as a Pilates Reformer or Trapeze Table.


We have a lot more information on Pilates here at Proactive Pilates Equipment Melbourne, so check out our other blogs to learn more about improving your strength, stamina and symmetry through Pilates.

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