How to select the right Pilates Reformer in Australia?

Posted on March 08, 2022 by Jason Knee

 Every new year brings with it new goals and passions. If you wish to tone and build your muscles this year, improve your endurance and core strength, and work on toning your body, we recommend investing in Pilates and especially a Pilates Reformer. While yes, you can start doing Pilates from wherever you are, we still recommend that you invest in a Pilates Reformer if you wish to get into the focussed fitness regime.

Another genuine problem today is that while one loves to do Pilates as a part of their fitness routine, they might be unable to do the same because it may not be feasible to go to a studio. However, if you can do it regularly in a focused manner, it will have the effect of using your body weight for resistance. In the long run, it will be helpful for your flexibility, core strength, and, most importantly, build and reform muscles.

Doing Pilates regularly awards numerous benefits to one’s health. These include better flexibility, reformation of muscles, increased stamina, and, most importantly, a more comprehensive range of motion. Women have reported these benefits to be more than men. If you wish to experience more results, we recommend combining Pilates Reformer with cardiovascular exercises. Pilates can do wonders for your physique. It is one of the best ways to build endurance, stamina, and muscle gain. What is even more exciting is that Pilates can be used for weight loss as well. A Pilates Reformer will be highly beneficial for you if you think of losing weight. 

So, what is a Pilates Reformer? 

A Pilates Reformer means bed-shaped exercise equipment that uses a flatbed-like frame and flat platform called a carriage. You can rock back and forth on it and also change levels. The carriage is connected to the bed by springs. Joseph Pilates invented the machine to create resistance to build muscles. The best part about the Reformer is that it doesn’t cause any unnecessary stress on your body while you are practicing it. Proactive Pilates brings you this article to help you decide and tell you whether buying a Pilates Reformer is a good investment. 

What to Look for in a Pilates Reformer

When buying a piece of exercise equipment, we recommend that you make sure that you are investing in something that is both cost-effective and has the following: 

Superior Quality

The cost of a Pilates Reformer must be as per its quality. Some models will be more expensive for the sole reason that they are more challenging and will continue to work over a long period. We recommend that you choose a studio-grade Pilates Reformer that will be able to work over a long time and is of good quality. Cheaper models are made from more inexpensive materials, which may not hold up as well over time. Think about how often you’ll be using it and whether it’s worth spending a little more for a more durable model. 

A part of the machine carries your body weight backward and forward, so it needs to stand up to high use. 

Keep a Lookout for Springs  

The Pilates Reformer spring tension is what offers different levels of resistance. It is recommended that when you are investing in a Pilates Reformer, you must look out for springs and go for the one which is spring-based. This will allow you to change resistance over time. This is an excellent option if you are looking to tone your body. 

You will need to ensure that any model you purchase offers a wide range to give you more versatility in your workout. 

A New Reformed and Thoughtful Design 

Today, there are many different kinds of Pilates Reformers. We recommend that you choose the best one, and to decide this you must compare each one and see what fits your requirements. Keep a lookout for the following:

  1. Reformers higher than the ground: Will provide you more stability and muscle mobility 
  2. Foldable Reformers: Will be better for a home gym 
  3. Closer to the ground: Better for beginners who wish to start Pilates
  4. Cadillac Reformers: Will provide you ease in case you want to try aerial or trapeze-based workouts

Maximum Weight

Pilates Reformer only holds a maximum weight, so make sure to check this before purchasing a Pilates Reformer in Australia. This also applies to human height, as some models only take up to a certain height of a person.  


When purchasing a Pilates Reformer in Australia, like any other purchase, having a good warranty is crucial. A good warranty may save you a lot of money in replacements or repairs if the equipment breaks. 


It is always recommended to spend a little bit more to get high-quality equipment, along with giving you more options for workouts. Shelling some extra money when you buy a Pilates Reformer ensures higher quality equipment, longer life, and more intense training with a much more extensive range of resistance. Also, it is a fact that when we buy a piece of exercise equipment that looks good and feels good, it motivates us more to use it! 

Proactive Pilates Equipment is one of the reliable equipment providers in Australia. We are a brand that keeps the interests of the clients paramount. We are just a call away if you need assistance in choosing the best equipment to begin your weight loss journey. Our main objective is to ensure that our equipment is reliable, durable, and smooth.

You can achieve that lean, long, balanced body that only Pilates delivers while improving cardiovascular fitness with just one machine. When purchasing a Pilates Reformer, go with the one that allows for the most significant number of exercises while offering stability durability and is aesthetically appealing, as these elements can provide extra motivation while working out. 

Buying a Pilates Reformer is exciting, especially if it's your first one! And if you’re looking for the best Pilates Reformer in Australia, you’re in the right place. Slim and tone quickly with Proactive Pilates Equipment. Connect with us today to know more!

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