The 3 S’s Of Pilates: How Strength, Stamina And Symmetry Could Be Yours

Posted on July 07, 2017 by Jason Knee

The 3 S’s Of Pilates: How Strength, Stamina And Symmetry Could Be Yours

If you know anything at all about Pilates, you’ll know by now that it is excellent for your body and health. It can help you achieve the 3 S’s: Strength, Stamina and Symmetry; all of which are essential for improving your body in both appearance and ability. Here’s everything you need to know about how Pilates can help you reach these top results.



You may be surprised to learn that Pilates actually does count as a type of strength training – even though it does not include weight lifting or bodybuilding techniques.

Pilates can help to build up the strength in your muscles through challenging resistance, which will also leave you with better muscle tone as well as improved strength.

When you’re doing a Pilates workout, your muscles are being used constantly, so you’re bound to notice some change in your strength levels within the first few weeks.



In addition to building up your strength by doing Pilates, you’ll also notice your stamina starting to improve too. As you become stronger, you’ll be able to accomplish more during your workout, helping you complete the more advanced moves and keep your workout going for longer. This additional stamina won’t just help you during Pilates – it can be applicable to any of your workouts or daily physical activities as you get into better shape.



As you develop your Pilates technique and continue to take part in a regular routine, you’ll find your body becomes more symmetrical.

Not only will this create a better physical look, it, more importantly, helps to keep your body balanced as you walk and move - as well as improving your coordination. This can also give you a boost when doing other exercises or sports, as your body will be focused and ready to get started.

Finally, more symmetry will also mean improved posture due to the better balance of your muscles.


Achieving the 3 S’s

If you’re hoping to achieve the 3 S’s: Strength, Stamina and Symmetry, it should be clear by now that Pilates is the answer. If you’ve never done Pilates, try joining a local Pilates class or even try your hand at Pilates at home using online videos or DVDs.

After a matter of weeks, you’ll start to notice a significant difference, showing how Pilates could help you go all the way to achieving your body and fitness goals.

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