Trapeze Table

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  • The ProActive Pilates Trapeze Table is sleek, biomechanically correct and accommodates a diverse range of exercises safely. The ProActive Pilates Trapeze Table is designed with versatility in mind! Available in a range of sizes, with multiple spring lengths and tensions, the ProActive Pilates Trapeze Table is an essential addition for all Pilates studios.
    • High quality, rust-resistant steel for guaranteed durability and stability
    • Available in a variety of lengths to meet your specific requirements.
    • Two sliding bars with multiple spring attachment sites
    • Multiple spring lengths and tensions.
    • Easy-to-clean, hygienic vinyl upholstery.
    • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Frame Specifications

    Table Length
    • Full: 210cm
    • Medium: 160cm
    • Small: 90cm

    Width: All models are manufactured the same width: 90cm

    Height: All models are manufactured the same width: 210cm

    Accessories Included

    • Ten springs
    • One pair of hand straps
    • One pair of foot loops
    • Safety chain
    • Upper bar
    • Lower bar
    • Trapeze board
  • Top Trapeze Table Offers in Australia

    Pilates is an engaging and relaxing exercise routine that keeps celebrities, business people, homemakers, athletes, and dancers alike in the best shape of their lives. Pilates aims to use the body’s natural range of motion to restore muscle tone, increase the health of joints, and improve circulation. The basic program developed from a physical rehabilitation technique has fast become a favourite way for anyone to keep in shape. 

    ... Some advanced moves need support structures found in specifically designed Pilates equipment. These equipment’s range from ARC Barrel designs and Pilates Reformer to the cream of the crop Trapeze Table. Exercises like roll downs, for instance, that encourage the spine to move while increasing abdominal strength can be performed on both the trapeze table and reformer. Yet, thanks to the stable bed, they are much more attainable on the Trapeze Table. 

    Pilates Trapeze Tables are equipment that allow the most support for some of the most challenging and impressive exercises. A Trapeze Table is surrounded by four sturdy metal posts connected at the top. From these posts, hang other pieces of Pilates equipment, including stirrups and a bracing device. It is one of the more expensive pieces of professional Pilates equipment and, as such, is usually only available at more intensive Pilates Suppliers, like us at Proactive Pilates Equipment.

    How does it work?

    A Pilates Trapeze Table has a straightforward design, making it such a brilliant piece of equipment.  Springs 

    Springs with different tensions can easily be attached to the loops covering the metal uprights. Using these loops, exercises to mobilize and strengthen the legs and arms joints are easy to prepare. Springs can also be attached to the crossbar, which can be easily raised or lowered. Moving the crossbar can help make movements appropriate for different heights depending on the exercise. 

    Metal Frame 

    The metal frame supports hanging exercises, such as pull-ups to build upper body strength. Besides, the movements performed while exercising are ideal for decompressing the spine. 

    Trapeze Swing 

    The Swing can be attached to the top of the frame and used in various ways. Joint exercises using the Trapeze swing involve bridge-type activities on spine mobility. For added difficulty, the trapeze attachment can be used while standing with the feet on the swing to improve hamstring flexibility. 

      If you are searching for Pilates Trapeze Table for sale in Australia, you have come to the right place! Our Trapeze Table has everything you need to advance your strength, mobility, flexibility, and endurance right at home. Besides, our Pilates Trapeze Table is designed to offer ultra-smooth back-and-forth positions while minimising noise!


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