Professional Pilates Reformer Bed

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  • Contemporary design, a versatile structure, and a smooth, enjoyable workout are the core components of our professional Pilates Reformer Beds.

    They’re crafted by one of Australia’s award-winning manufacturers, so you can trust that a PRO Active Pilates reformer bed sets a new standard for health and fitness equipment.

    Made from a lightweight, steel frame with a super smooth stainless steel tracking system, our reformer beds make Pilates exercises more safe, enjoyable, challenging and highly effective. And best of all, they come with a Life Time Warranty.

    'That’s our promise to you – a Lifetime of, strength, stamina and symmetry'

 Dimensions: Length 250cm, Width 58cm, Height 45cm


  • Foot Bar
    • Designed to benefit users of all sizes. Easy-to-use foot bar comes with five different positions, essential for making height adjustments.
    • Safety comes first - foot bar is fully padded with durable non-slip rubber for active feet and hands.
      Rope System
      • Make easy adjustments for a seamless workout – our simple system means ropes never get in the way of a good workout again!
      • Single-grip straps with D-shaped handles for superior comfort.
      • Posts behind shoulder rests for easily securing handles and ropes.
      • High quality swivel pulley and cleats that anchors ropes securely in place.
        • Simple, inconspicuous design. Ideal for small spaces and one-on-one client work.
        • Award-winning quality and precision engineering.
        • Rust-resistant, lightweight steel that won’t compromise on strength.
        • Smooth to touch with a superior powder coating finish.
          • Ensure optimal posture with a 2-position headrest and shoulder pads.
          • Smooth, friction-free ride along stainless steel rolling mechanism for an uninterrupted workout flow.
          • Durable, easy-to-clean vinyl upholstery.
          • Dense foam makes exercise comfortable, while also promoting precise proprioceptive feedback and stability.
            • Five high-performance, adaptable springs. Includes 4 full strength and 1 light strength.
            • Tailor workout complexity with 3 spring bar slots for tension variety.
              • Designed for studios / physiotherapists, fitness centres and in-home users! Fixed wheels allow reformer to be moved around with ease.
            • The perfect companion for a dynamic workout

              Our Pilates reformer is a high-performing addition to any Pilates studio, gym, or home. Improving strength, muscular balance and increased flexibility is just the start.

              With the ideal range of motion and support, our Pilates reformer beds are ideal for building muscle tone and increasing stability through the joints. Along with improved posture, alignment and core stability, Pilates reformer exercises provide a fun, full-body workout that builds muscle definition, without the bulk.

              And with our proven track record in serving the health care industry, you can feel confident that our equipment offers superior quality backed by health science.

              The safe and healthy way to rehabilitate

              Reformer Pilates exercises work on core stabilisation, which is vital to any athlete, but also highly beneficial for peripheral joint stability, balance, co-ordination and much more.

              Adding reformer exercises into a rehabilitation program is also a safe way to reintroduce movement and encourage recovery. A lighter resistance and large range of motion make strength-building exercises easier, as the reformer allows the user to exercise in a horizontal plane, decreasing the weight bearing on the legs.

              Overall, our Pilates reformer beds have a whole range of benefits that users will feel long after they finish exercising.