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Choose the best Pilates equipment in Australia. Second best is never an option.

The best experience. The best results. And the very best version of yourself. We bring those aspirations together. We offer Australian health professionals and consumers premium, quality Pilates equipment that puts durability, reliability and supreme quality front-and-centre.

Train smarter

Discover the ongoing health and wellbeing benefits of investing in PROActive Pilates Equipment.

Our top-tier equipment helps you train smarter with increased efficiency.

You’ll enjoy:

  • More exercises for a dynamic and fun work out
  • Increased muscle tone without stress on the joints - Improved joint stability with light impact exercise
  • Enhanced core stability for muscle endurance, strength, balance and coordination
  • Decrease rehab time. Those with sports injuries benefit from lighter resistance and a greater range of motion.

Pilates Equipment Benefits

If you enjoy a mat-based Pilates workout…you’ll love the additional intensity, resistance and range of motion made possible with professional-grade Pilates equipment.

Our ergonomically-designed reformer beds and trapeze tables allow for a more intense, dynamic workout with a wider range of motion. They’re designed to be easy and efficient via the use of adjustable springs, which can be tailored to cater for rehab clients, and even the most advanced athletes.

Pilates equipment works by focusing on the body’s Powerhouse – that’s your abdomen, lower back, hips and glutes. When you focus on strengthening this area of the body, you’re building a body that’s designed for optimum support and performance. When your Powerhouse – your core – is operating at maximum efficiency, you’re gaining increased spinal health, stability, posture and overall strength.

A strong core ensures a strong foundation - paramount for overall strength, stamina and stability.

Our Story

Health and optimum performance are our passion.

With over 15-years in the health and fitness industry, we have a thorough understanding of what creates the best version of YOU.

Our background is in Exercise Science, and we have a diverse history of managing health centres in Melbourne.

Our knowledge of what makes an effective, safe and results-driven workout has seen us partner with an Australian award-winning manufacturer to create the best Pilates equipment you can find online.

We’re a preferred choice amongst physiotherapists, gyms, Pilates studios and home users, because our Pilates equipment fuses science and consumer trends for a results-based and smooth workout.

ProActive Pilates in Action

The power of a first-class, modern design combined with the tradition of Joseph Pilates. Find out for yourself why our Pilates equipment creates stronger, healthier and happier bodies. Click here to explore our range of first-class equipment.