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Flexibility and core strength have become a significant trend in workouts and rehabilitation. Core strength describes the muscular control required around the lumbar spine to maintain functional stability. Pilates helps achieve core strength, where individuals need to involve all forces. Many Pilates workouts aim to integrate all qualities, and therefore the focus is as a neurological exercise rather than developing absolute strength. Of course, you can knock out a great Pilates workout with little or no equipment. But if you want to keep your exercise regimen dynamic and challenging, proper equipment can help you reach the next level.

Classical Pilates requires the use of just a mat, which is the essential requirement for any Pilates beginner. In addition to this, one may use foam rollers, resistance bands, jump boards, yoga blocks, rings, balls, and many other pieces of equipment. This is where we at Proactive Pilates Equipment come into the picture. We have a wide range of good quality Pilates equipment which are durable and sturdy. 

Proactive Pilates Equipment, selling commercially certified Pilates equipment and reformers, is now leading the way in Pilates equipment worldwide. All our products meet many international standards for Pilates equipment. Proactive Pilates Equipment, including Trapeze, Reformers, Barrels, has revolutionised the world of Pilates. These are cost-effective without sacrificing quality or longevity for your investment. 

We make equipment for Pilates with the best materials available. Our products are used in Pilates studios and sports centers worldwide, and majorly in Australia. The best professionals recommend our high-quality products, offered at unbeatable prices.

Our best-selling product is the Professional Pilates Reformer Bed. If you like Pilates and you feel ready to invest in your at-home set-up, a Pilates Reformer can be a great purchase. Reformers are large pieces of equipment you can use to tackle all kinds of strength-training exercises. 

Our Reformer comes equipped with a sliding carriage, which serves as the base for all the go-to reformer exercises. And since the base is outfitted with adjustable shoulder pads and a headrest, you can rest assured knowing that you'll stay cushioned and comfortable during your workouts. In addition, the Reformer boasts an extra-wide foot bar, which you can adjust both horizontally and vertically to ensure your Reformer fits just right - no matter the height.

Proactive Pilates Equipment makes it easy to bring home a quality reformer without wrecking your budget. The Reformer features offer the basis for some great reformer workouts. And if you want to make things even more interesting, you can take advantage of some of the many accessories available with us. Accessories include Foam Rollers, Pilates Ring, straps, resistance cords, handgrips, and many more. 

Our next best-selling item is the Pilates Ring, mostly known as the 'Magic Circle.' Now there are plenty of great Pilates rings out there. But Proactive's Pilates Ring is a particularly great choice. Why? At 5.4 ounces, it is lightweight enough to carry around on the go. It is crafted from durable composite material and encased in a protective plastic laminate and soft foam cover, making it sturdy enough to last for a long time. The ring promises to maintain its springy strength over time, offering challenging workouts every time you use it.

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