Pilate Reformer Sellers in Melbourne

As we get older, staying fit seems to get harder and harder. Our body doesn't seem to have as much get-up-and-go as it once did, and in many cases, exercises that were no difficulty a decade or two ago could now feel too rigid. However, just because you may no longer be able to run 6km, it doesn't mean that you need to feel like you can't get up and move. Even if you're at a relatively healthy BMI, a good workout can lift your spirits and leave you feeling refreshed throughout the day. 

Practising Pilates regularly awards numerous benefits towards one's health. These include better flexibility, reformation of muscle tone, increased stamina, and, most importantly, a more comprehensive range of motion. 

Reformer Pilates for All Ages 

Reformer Pilates is an excellent way to keep in shape at almost any age. However, there are many benefits for 65 and older that could make Reformer Pilates the number one workout routine for older people who wish to stay flexible, strong, and have a good balance. If you're wondering how Reformer Pilates differs from a daily Pilates routine, it has to do with the fact that you'll be using a 'Reformer' rather than a mat. This saves you from getting down on the ground, and it enables users with otherwise limited mobility to partake in Reformer Pilates. 

To get the right Reformer for a cost-effective price, check out our impressive Pilates Reformer Bed at Proactive Pilates Equipment. Our equipment offers massive functionality and an expandable design system that seamlessly fits your needs. 

Professional Pilates Reformer Bed 

Here are some of the specifications of this versatile piece of exercise equipment. 

Reformer Frame 

The Reformer Frame is like a bed, with a carriage that rolls back and forth on wheels within the frame, much like a rowing boat. The practitioner can push or pull the carriage using an adjustable foot bar at the other end. Our Pilates Reformer for sale in Melbourne offers an industrial look with a sturdy and stable frame. When shopping, always consider the amount of space you have. This machine takes up quite a bit of room, though some are raised or folded, which can be stored away when not in use. 

Reformer Straps 

Our Reformer at Proactive Pilates has straps with hand- and foot loops that can be pulled with legs or arms to move the carriage. These are adjustable and customized to work with your fitness level, size, or physical limitations. 

Reformer Springs

Adjustable springs make the carriage more challenging to push or pull as you gain strength. We at Proactive offer good-quality springs and not bungee-type cords, which may not stand up to wear and tear.

The Reformer is arguably the most well-known Pilates equipment, beloved by classical Pilates enthusiasts and high-intensity exercisers. Since studio workouts are on hold in most of Melbourne right now, particularly as the weather gets colder and outdoor Reformer workouts are less appealing, a Reformer of one's own has become an object of desire for many Pilates enthusiasts. However, with so many models, makes, and styles to select from, you may need some help deciding which one is right for your home set-up. To help you decide, we at Proactive Pilates Equipment highly recommend looking at our fine-quality equipment. We are one of Melbourne's most preferred Pilate Reformer Sellers, loved by more traditional practitioners. 

Below are some tips that we believe can help while choosing and purchasing a Reformer for home use. 

Evaluate your space 

One of the first questions you'll need to think about is whether you have the space for a Reformer. Depending on the Pilates Reformer Seller in Melbourne, Reformers are between 80" and 100" long and weigh more than 100 pounds. Foldable and portable models are space-saving options, but always ask yourself how often you'll set it up and use it if it is not out in the open. Always remember, out of sight means out of mind. 

How will it be used?

Think about how you plan to use your Pilates reformer. Will you have an instructor teach you one on one in your home studio? Will you be following along while streaming workouts? Or will you be doing a self-directed activity? Depending upon your answer and your proficiency with spring and equipment changes, you may go for one style of Reformer over another. Proactive Pilates Reformer bed, for example, has springs, all of which have the same tension.

Stick to what you understand 

Preference is often a matter of familiarity. People tend to prefer the Reformer brand on which they first experienced Pilates. Various brands' different springs and dimensions create a distinctive feel that seems right. If you are thinking about purchasing a reformer, most likely it's because you like the equipment you have been using at your local Pilates studio. In this case, an ideal place to start is by asking the Pilates instructor what brand or model of Reformer is used in the studio and begin your search there. Proactive Pilates equipment is one of the most preferred Pilates equipment providers all over Australia. Thus we are sure that our brand will pop up.

Other factors 

Once you've decided on a Pilates Reformer seller in Melbourne, additional options to consider include a choice of many frame materials, colours, and kinds of upholstery, and upgrades and accessories such as foam rollers, Pilates rings, mats, cushioned foot bars, and foot loops. Proactive Pilates Equipment also offers these world-class accessories at the most affordable prices, designed for personal use.

The Pilates Reformer comes with springs that offer diverse resistance levels as the carriage is let loose. The carriage has shoulder blocks placed on it that keep the user from slipping off the end of the Reformer's bed as they push or pull the carriage. At the end of the spring coils of the Reformer placed is an adjustable bar called the foot bar. The foot bar can be used by the feet or hands by the user to move the carriage. The Reformer is equipped with long straps and handles on them that are attached to the top end of the Reformer's frame. These can be pulled with your arms or legs to move the carriage. The bodyweight acts as a resistance to mix up the difficulty in moving the carriage back and forth, where the springs also add to the opposition for more challenging workouts.

Diverse performable workouts are possible using the Reformer. Each exercise allows the user to advance flexibility, strength, and overall body stability. 

One of the best things about our Proactive Pilates Reformer Bed is its adaptability. Workouts can be performed while lying down, in a sitting position. At the same time, standing, pulling straps, pushing the foot bar, latched on the foot bar, perched on the shoulder blocks, with additional exercise equipment, while upside down, in a sideways position, and all types of positions. In simple words, the Reformer can train many body parts in various ways.

Proactive Pilates Equipment, one of the best Pilates Reformer Sellers in Melbourne, is now leading Pilates equipment worldwide. All our products meet many international standards for Pilates equipment. Proactive Pilates Equipment, including Trapeze, Reformers, Barrels, has revolutionized the world of Pilates. These are cost-effective without sacrificing quality or longevity for your investment. 

We make equipment for Pilates with the best materials available: Pilates Barrels, Pilates Chairs, Pilates balls, etc. Our products are used in Pilates studios and sports centers worldwide, mainly in Melbourne. The best professionals recommend our high-quality products, offered at unbeatable prices.

Our best-selling product is the Professional Pilates Reformer Bed. If you like Pilates and you feel ready to invest in your at-home set-up, a Pilates Reformer can be a great purchase. Reformers are large pieces of equipment you can use to tackle all kinds of strength-training exercises. 

Our Reformer comes equipped with a sliding carriage, which serves as the base for all the go-to reformer exercises. And since the base is outfitted with adjustable shoulder pads and a headrest, you can rest assured knowing that you'll stay cushioned and comfortable during your workouts. In addition, the Reformer boasts an extra-wide foot bar, which you can adjust both horizontally and vertically to ensure your Reformer fits just right - no matter the height.

Proactive Pilates Equipment makes it easy to bring home a quality reformer without wrecking your budget. The Reformer features offer the basis for some great reformer workouts. And if you want to make things even more interesting, you can take advantage of some of the many accessories available with us. Accessories include Foam Rollers, Pilates Ring, straps, resistance cords, handgrips, and many more.

Through Pilates, let's change our body with a new standard for high-quality fitness. Our equipment will transform the way you look and feel. By incorporating proper breathing techniques and using the right equipment, you can reduce stress, muscle tension and fatigue, all while building strength and a strong core. Connect with us today to know more!