Top Quality Pilates Accessories in Australia

Pilates is the ultimate full-body workout. It can be relaxing, restoring, or as high impact as you prefer. It can help you build core strength, and even offer a cardio hit. Best of all, it is one of the very few full-body exercises that can be practiced easily at home, with equipment and accessories you can pick up and put away in an instant - goodbye heavy and bulky equipment that takes up half the room space. But we have so many choices - and cost-effective ones - it can be tricky knowing where to start looking for equipment when setting up your home Pilates studio. That’s where we at Proactive Pilates Equipment come in, with some accessible accessories that are perfect for Pilates at your place, helping you go from the studio to your living room with ease. 

Some of our top picks are: 

  1. Foam Rollers 

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or need to take your physical therapy efforts into your own hands at home or want a foam roller to relieve tension post-workout, Foam Rollers at Proactive are made just for that!  

  1. Pilates Ring 

For such a small piece of equipment, a Pilates Ring does a lot of heavy lifting. However, the two padded handles on either side let you push in or out or squeeze in, working endless combinations of muscles. 

  1. Jump Board 

Jump boards add great versatility to the Reformer. In addition to allowing jumping and other cardio exercises, a jump board also recreates a biomechanically accurate standing position while lying on the Reformer. Proactive Jump Boards add a variety of cardio exercises to your Pilates workout. 

  1. Yoga Mat 

If you already have a yoga mat at home, you don’t essentially need a separate one for Pilates. Proactive mats are specifically designed for Pilates and are thicker with more padding than a yoga mat, protecting the spine and joints while rolling. 

  1. Reformer Box 

Reformer Boxes help with additional height for optimal sitting positions. The box allows a more excellent range of motion for the arms, torso, and legs and facilitates a variety of exercises in seated or lying positions on the Reformer. 

Pilates places a significant emphasis on posture and alignment, making it great for anyone looking to work on and strengthen the core. With the minimum accessories, you can do the basics for toning, stretching, and floor work. 

Explore the range of Pilates accessories at Proactive Pilates Equipment. We have a wide range of accessories to help you build strength during your workout. Connect with us today to know more!